1. Miracle Cure

From the recording Miracle Cure


Miracle Cure
When your job's got you down And your honey's not around You're watching the nightly news
With intense concentration You're glued to the station TV tells you what to do
And the ad man with his jingle Sells you young, slim and single How can you refuse?
 Chorus: We're all looking for a miracle cure A real quick fix down on easy street No exchanges, no refunds

Just three easy payments order more when you're through

Miracle cure, miracle cure miracle cure
Back there on the couch You think there should be more So you get on your knees and pray

And you find you've got a reason When it comes the football season The Cowboys are gonna play

The Lord will hear your prayer If you send a check right there Benediction when you pay
When you're finally out of hope And know that you can't cope You've got nothing left to fear
Pick up a telephone So you won't feel so alone And find a sympathetic ear
You're a therapist's delight You can call them day or night Accounts received will cheer